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I love PETA

I love PETA. They provide me with so many belly laughs.  The wonderful organization that pretends to protect animals but usually just spouts idiocy and pisses the general public off, is now come to the defense of computer generated Nazi attack dogs! 

Recently a club in a private high school in Massachusetts mounted a protest against Call of Duty : WoW because of the killing of nazi attack dogs. Well today comes word that PETA has joined the protest and has sent a care package to Activision to correct this awful injustice.

The idea that killing dogs trained to attack in a video game set in WWII is some sort of awful animal cruelty simulator is a bit off. These dogs are historically accurate for the setting . Also, lets not forget that this game includes graphic warfare and death. Shouldn’t they first protest the gross loss of human life if they are in the business of trying to keep violent history out of video games? In the wake of school shootings that once again bring up the issue of violent video games, shouldn’t we be focused on much more important conversations? Don’t get me wrong, I love animals and would harm anyone that hurt my dog. I just don’t understand the though process of the wackos at PETA, especially on this issue.


Props to Kotaku for the stories.


MLB 09 The Show – First Thoughts



I recently got a copy of the new MLB game and wanted to put up my initial thoughts on it. I should mention that I generally dislike all things baseball. There was a time in my youth that I would beg to see the Braves play and would be involved in little league each year.  This all changed one year out of the blue and ever since I have just avoided the game. With all this in mind, I just had to have this game. I read the reviews and took in all the trailers and it became clear there was fun to be had. First off, the game is beautiful. Everything feels right, and looks in its place. I doesn’t seem that the developers missed a single detail. The most important area, game play, is also nearly as perfect. The depth of the Road to the Show game mode is awesome and is more fun than some traditional RPGs! My only negative first thought would be that the gameplay may be too real. Hitting on anything but rookie with adjusted sliders can be impossible. That is all for now, I’ll write a full review after I get some more hours under my belt.


Hey there Y’all

Just wanted to get things kicked off. I have decided to put my rantings down in blog form like many others out there. I probably won’t break any new ground, but at least I’ll be putting my thoughts out there and not boring my family with them.  I plan to cover the basics. I will talk a little about video games and a little about geekdom in general.

My personal story is I am an unemployed 25 year old who is looking for a job in the work market ever! I have my first child on the way in early August. I love my wife, dog, video games, and Alabama football. As I said, I’m pretty generic. This is the part where I sell out and mention that if anyone reading happens to have a decent job open – hook me up!. Otherwise I plan to head back to school in the fall to get my teaching degree to teach high school history.

Thank you for taking the time to read my rants. I promise not to use anymore southern cliches. Well. I’ll try not to.

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