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Guitar Hero: METALLICA – First Thoughts


I picked up Guitar Hero: Metallica against everything my brain told me was good and righteous. I thought it was going to be a sick money grab using the logo of my once favorite metal act. Even with this in mind I went to to pick it up because, well, it is METALLICA! I couldn’t stop myself.

After playing the game for a couple of days and having my wife kick my butt yet again on songs like Battery and Master of Puppets, I LOVE this game. It is my favorite Guitar Hero/Rock Band experience yet. I love these songs of course and I also love the guest acts that were picked by the band to be on the disc. The look of the band in game is great and the extras that include concert videos and behind the scenes stuff just bring it altogether. My snap decision on this game : A+++ if you like Metallica or metal. Otherwise I’m sure you will skip it.