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I love PETA

I love PETA. They provide me with so many belly laughs.  The wonderful organization that pretends to protect animals but usually just spouts idiocy and pisses the general public off, is now come to the defense of computer generated Nazi attack dogs! 

Recently a club in a private high school in Massachusetts mounted a protest against Call of Duty : WoW because of the killing of nazi attack dogs. Well today comes word that PETA has joined the protest and has sent a care package to Activision to correct this awful injustice.

The idea that killing dogs trained to attack in a video game set in WWII is some sort of awful animal cruelty simulator is a bit off. These dogs are historically accurate for the setting . Also, lets not forget that this game includes graphic warfare and death. Shouldn’t they first protest the gross loss of human life if they are in the business of trying to keep violent history out of video games? In the wake of school shootings that once again bring up the issue of violent video games, shouldn’t we be focused on much more important conversations? Don’t get me wrong, I love animals and would harm anyone that hurt my dog. I just don’t understand the though process of the wackos at PETA, especially on this issue.


Props to Kotaku for the stories.