My Most Anitcipated Games

As I look through the games slated to come out this year or next there aren’t that many that really get me excited to be honest. That doesn’t mean there aren’t any though and I thought I would list my  top 5.

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#5 Ncaa Football 2010– I know! This game comes out every year and usually is nothing more than a glorified roster update. Even with that being true, it never fails to get me excited. Every year I get the football bug around..oh who am I kidding. I’m infected year round with football fever. From time to time, this game can really surprise. The past two years have been down in my opinion and this year is poised to be on the upswing. This time around  EA is keeping the fans updated on progress and the details of new enhancements to game play via blogs and the existing community sites. They even held the community day very early this year so fan site leaders can give suggestions that actually make it into the game. Maybe my hopes won’t be crushed this season.

#4 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – I loved CoD4 and hated World at War. I have a history degree ,so believe me I love World War II settings, but I can’t stand another FPS in which I fight Nazis.  I can’t wait until the series gets back to the Modern Warfare setting. The release date is set for November.


#3 Sims 3 –I know! As a grown 26 year old male I think I should be past The Sims. I can’t help it. Along with Civilization, the Sims games can keep me mindlessly playing for hours on end. I really enjoy building the homes. Oh and walling my Sims up to die an awful death due to starvation. What? Like you don’t do it!

#2 Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks –I’m not sure why I want this game so much. Maybe I am just a Zelda fanboy. I enjoyed Phantom Hourglass yet I never finished it. I’m not sure why this would be any different. With that in mind I will probably pick it up at release and I beamed with joy at its announcement. Sometimes the inner fanboy defeats logic.


#1 GHOSTBUSTERS – Anyone that knows me will tell you that Ghostbusters is, in my mind, the greatest movie ever made. I have the full animated series on DVD and my parents still have all of my toys. I plan to pass them down. So with this knowledge I’m sure it isn’t a surprise that I’m pumped about this game. It has everything a movie game should be. The original writers and cast doing the story and voice work. It is a standalone story that acts like a third movie. On top of that it just looks like a great game. It looked great when it was to be released in October but after the publisher switch to Atari, the release date was pushed to the 25 year Ghostbusters anniversary in June. The developer has worked to tweak the game ever since.  It promises to be one of the games of the year and to make me giggle with joy.


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